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Does new posts work for you? When I click on it I get a error, its been that way for weeks.
Congrats on finding a thread that was missed from the great cleanup, this forum is now warez-free - and near dead too, quite likely closing soon as the only thing left is spammers!
After encoding my video and reach the mulitplexing stage I get this error message:

++ WARN: [Mplex.exe] Target data rate lower than computed requirement!
++ WARN: [Mplex.exe] N.b. a 20% or so discrepancy in variable bit-rate
++ WARN: [Mplex.exe] streams is common and harmless provided no time-outs will occur
Multiplexing finished.

DVDAuthor is writing the VOB files.....
Writing VOB files finished.

Finished authoring DVD

I'm not sure why I'm getting this error and how I can fix it. I used HCEnc to encode the video.

Any help is appreciated.
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Nope, that won't be any soon. I'm starting a new study in September (1 year) so the next year I don't have any time to work on TFM. Personal life is in this stage more important, sorry.
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Sorry for the late respons but I didn't get a notification of your message. Just saw it today.

I only know a good program for DVD menu's and that is DVD Lab Pro.
Hi Mask

Could you possibly point me in the right direction of a program that created Motion menus such as Windows DVD Maker (but better quality) and possibly a program that makes AVCHD motion menus apart from MultiAVCHD.

Im currently making AVCHD's 720p and 1080p but making the motion menu with windows dvd maker then encoding to 720p or 1080p MKV for the menu and loading into MUltiAVCHD. Obviosly the menu isnt true HD just upscaled but my sources that I use are HD.

Im still looking on a better program than ConvertX for my menus for DVD and maybe you could recomend a possible program for that too.

Best Regards

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Hi The Mask

Its been a long time since I have been on you forum and I was wondering if and when you will be releasing a version on The Film Machine with menu creation option. I use to do a bit of Beta testing for you ages ago and have been waiting for a release from you self which includes this function for some time now. I understand that it all takes time. Will you be making a standard dvd menu or will it be motion menus (like in windows dvd maker, the only good thing about that bit of software lol).
I am more into my HD encdoing now using RipBot264 but still use The Film Machine alot still and it has never let me down.

Keep up the good work mate and all the best

hello; i'm sory i'am not good in english, i'm from france, i'am looking for Nrestore.exe for backup restore from dos. i did'nt find it in folders of nero7 in cd and in disk. thanks a lot