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Does new posts work for you? When I click on it I get a error, its been that way for weeks.
Congrats on finding a thread that was missed from the great cleanup, this forum is now warez-free - and near dead too, quite likely closing soon as the only thing left is spammers!
After encoding my video and reach the mulitplexing stage I get this error message:

++ WARN: [Mplex.exe] Target data rate lower than computed requirement!
++ WARN: [Mplex.exe] N.b. a 20% or so discrepancy in variable bit-rate
++ WARN: [Mplex.exe] streams is common and harmless provided no time-outs will occur
Multiplexing finished.

DVDAuthor is writing the VOB files.....
Writing VOB files finished.

Finished authoring DVD

I'm not sure why I'm getting this error and how I can fix it. I used HCEnc to encode the video.

Any help is appreciated.
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Nope, that won't be any soon. I'm starting a new study in September (1 year) so the next year I don't have any time to work on TFM. Personal life is in this stage more important, sorry.