unCDcopy (Copy any Audio Protected disc)

Last Updated April 6th, 2004 22:59

TECHIE GERMAN JOURNOS at Heise and at famous German journal c't teamed up a software house to produce a tool that allows users to make copies of copy-protected audio CDs.
The team said it was prompted to action by complaints from CD purchasers that "unCDs", like those by Celine Dion or crooner Robbie Williams, failed to play in CD drives typically found in PCs and Macintoshes.

The tool, unCDcopy, allows these customers to make copies of their purchased CDs, says Heise. It says it converts the data using some kind of analogue conversion and that a separate tool exists with which to cut the parcel the recording up into separate tracks.

Heise's publishing house produced the Windows utility in cooperation with RapidSolution Software AG.

Note: This program has a german interface, but is very ease to use :)

License freeware

Plateform Windows

Download from here
More info also here German.
Despite a lousy Babelfish translation, I gathered that:

This actually does an AUDIO GRAB from a compatible player, and then re-tracks it by using a file downloaded (if available) referenced by the EAN code.

It would seem to be a sideshoot of a project to catalog these non-redbook, corrupted nonstandard CD's.

If your drive and software can digitally rip, better to go that way