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I went to your site...very nice.

Was just wondering...I have copied all my DVD based games on PS2 with DVDDecrypter and they work flawlessly. I'm just letting you know cause there's no mention on your site to use DVDDecrypter.


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First I wanted to thank you for the site you made (
So complete and for dummies like me they're the best.
Though I'm of course living problems trying to backup dvd based games with my equipment.(newbie :confused: )

-ps2 : scph-35001 (gt3 pckg)
-burner : Pioneer DVR-A06U
-dvd decrypter was used.
-media : Verbatim datalife 4.7gb
-modchip : unknown. Got it installed by a guy here in my area. Plays ps1 backups no problem and the guy tested it in front of me with his Enter the Matrix backup on a TDK DVD-R media if I remember correctly. He struggled a bit with the boot method but it started finally and played great.

I did my own experience and the only burning tool that installed properly on my machine with no issue recong.the Pioneer was DVD Decrypter.

I followed you instructions step by step, no errors anywhere and the ps2 gave me the red screen on one boot method and the black with ''unable to read disk'' on the other boot method. I burned on a DVD-R (verbatim from Futur shop) and a DVD-RW (verbatim again)

The game was Syphoon Filter: Omega ...

any ideas ?