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1. This is a NO WAREZ forum, thus no posting of warez, cracks, serials or URL's to them.

2. No requests for warez, cracks or serials.

3. Direct links ARE now allowed to NON WAREZ and appropriate sites. But please try not to leech a file wherever possible. Give credit where credit is due and link the main site or the download page instead. Plus, it keeps the Forum bandwidth down. If necessary, point to the direction of the file to make it easy to find.

4. Standard forum rules apply.

5. Post in the most appropriate forum.

6. Don't double post (duplicate posts will be removed).

7. We will delete posts if necessary and if these simple rules are not being followed.

8. No flaming or personal attack of anybody for any reason what so ever. It's okay to disagree, but please no personal attacks!

9. links are allowed to your personal site in your signature this also includes your email address (for now) unless we have problems. This also covers the Static display of any of the above. Other than this, they are not allowed.

10. This is an English language site apart from our German/Dutch forum. And any post you make must be in English while your on the English forum. But you may use another language if accompany with it's translation.

11. User name's or Nick name's:.... Please use a User name which is not considered distasteful, come on now use your common sense.
We will edit your user name without warning if this is the case and even may Ban that user, so please bear all this in mind when registering your account.]

12. Please refrain from political discussions. We are not a political forum. Good-natured jokes about the world and its leaders is acceptable. But please be careful of jokes that go too far. We do not want heated arguments of who's candidate, President, Government, Country, etc. is the "best" or who’s "sucks." Jokes that are deemed as going too far will be deleted immediately. Please remember that this place is a worldwide forum with many diverse cultures, concepts, and beliefs. Please respect your "neighbours."

13. No Posts with GET ME RICH QUICK / self promotion content and no PYRAMID freebie type schemes/scams.

14. Automated registration or automated posting is not permitted here at Dvdrbase anyone caught or suspected of Automated registration/posting will be banned immediately without warning!
Direct links/Pornography

You may link to other posts/threads in the forum.


Please no nude pictures/links, or anything considered distasteful.
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