Recovery Software

I have had a FAT32 coruption and I lost a lot of files. It would save me a lot of redownloading time if I could recover my data. Some of my files are so old that they may not be available anymore.

Can anyone recommend a good utility to help me recover the data?
Me too, very good application. For the recovery you will need a new harddisk of equal or larger size.
Notice though that on FAT32 there are no metadata, and the possibility of a successful recovery is much smaller than in NTFS,
Thanks, I will have to look into it.

I had kept the partition fat32 since I keep a lot of my utilities and such on it on my network. Anytime I had to repair someones system at home, I just plugged into the network and get what I needed regardless of the age of the Windows OS.

I have another drive the same size so that's not a problem. Its usually my USB2 drive, but I will probably mount it in the PC for the repair. I guess if I need the files in FAT32 I can always copy them from NTFS to FAT32 on the USB2 drive in the future.
I finally got some time to look into GETDATBACK. Google turns up "Did you mean: GETDATABACK" and the entire first page is about cracks, serials, warez and keygens.

Has anyone got a link for this software?:confused: