ImgBurn v1.2.0.0


Added: Queue can now switch drives/write speed on a per image basis.
Added: Verify now displays which file the error was in - if/when a miscompare occurs.
Added: Filesystem parsing within Image Files has been improved to include the ISO9660 FS too.
Added: A check for AnyDVD / DVD43 (displayed as 'Interfering programs') - as they could potentially modify data when it's being verified - resulting in a 'Miscompare' error.
Added: 'Sort By Name' to context menu in Queue window.
Added: 'Sort By Name (Ignore Path)' to context menu in Queue window.
Added: 'Image Files' as an option for IBG default path options within the settings. This means the IBG gets put in the same folder as the source Image file.
Added: %V to custom IBG filename options within the settings. %V stands for 'Volume Identifier' A.K.A. Volume Label.
Added: 'Compress Spaces' to custom IBG filename options within the settings.
Added: Ability to click column header in Queue window and have it 'sort by name'.
Added: Ability to tell Write mode to tell Verify mode to not compare against the file - so it behaves more like where it just checked the sectors could be read.
Added: Ability to have Verify mode ignore non user data within sectors. i.e. So with Mode1/2352 images, it only compares the real 2048 user data bytes.
Added: Support for loading / saving IBG v2.0 files - to take into account the new options for queued items.
Added: '/TESTMODE' CLI switch.
Added: Settings fixing/deleting within the installation program depending on current action (downgrade / reinstall / upgrade).
Added: Ability to synchronise device selection within the various modes.
Added: Ability to synchronise options in ISO Write / Discovery modes (i.e. Test Mode, Verify and Write Speed).
Added: 'DVDRAM FastWrite' to Write settings. This is pretty much a bodge to disable the 'verify' part that's built into normal DVDRAM burning.
Added: 'Burnt Copies' to Queue window.
Added: Increased max copies from 20 to 100.
Added: Image details are now updated/refreshed when you start to burn. Previously they were just read when the image was loaded / queued up.
Added: Graph data for Verify process (after write process) is now added to IBG file.
Added: Option to have the 'Reserve Track' command issued when burning DVD+R/+RW format media. Normally it's just issued for DVD-R/-RW media.
Added: 'Verify / Delete Image / Close Program / Shutdown Computer' checkboxes to all modes.
Added: Advanced Settings dialog for BenQ / Plextor drives to control special features like PowerRec, WOPC, OverSpeed etc.
Added: Verify can now be told to ignore an error and go on to verifying the next one.
Added: Workaround to make 'Wait for background format' work on Pioneer drives that don't follow the MMC spec. (Even the 110 has this problem!)
Added: Media information to log when erasing discs.
Added: Ability to enable/disable 'Stay On Top' for Queue window from within the settings.
Added: Little 'Refresh' buttons to the Advanced Settings and Booktype windows.
Added: Shutdown dialog (with 'Abort' button and a 10 second timeout) for when the program is supposed to shut the pc down.
Added: 'Book Type' to verify log.
Added: Ability to get IFO layer break position from 2054 bytes per sector (mastering style) DVD images.
Added: Improved methods used to find potential layer break position.
Added: Information about midpoint of Image file to the Layerbreak window. The nearer to this value the layerbreak position is, the more compatible with players the final disc will be.
Added: Support for '.di' (Prassi / TraxData ONES) images.
Added: Support for erasing BD-RE media. (well, fixed it really!)
Added: 'LightScribe' and 'Labelflash' entries to Device Capabilities window.
Added: Verify now counts up all the errors in a given sector and shows that number in the first (and only) miscompare warning.
Added: Extra right click 'Apply xxxx setting to selected' options to the Queue window.
Added: A 'MB' (megabytes) value to the 'Not enough space on disc' dialog box.
Added: Updating the drive / write speed in the main window now also refreshes the Queue window.
Added: A delete button to the 'previous image' section of the 'Please insert next disc...' window.
Added: Auto retries to the 'cycling tray before verify' bit of code - useful for when the drive sometimes fails to initialise the disc - it'll then auto eject + reinsert it again.
Added: 'Share Images Amongst Drives' & 'Share Selected Images Amongst Drives' options to context menu in Queue window.
Added: 'Select All' & 'Invert Selection' options to context menu in Queue window.
Added: 'Sequential Scan' flag to command used when reading files. This seems to speed things up when reading over a network.
Added: Support for multiboot gcm images.
Added: Option to make ImgBurn the default application for the files it's associated with in the registry
Added: A second icon to the exe that people can use for files associated with the program.
Added: Checking for minimum version requirement of DVDInfoPro before attempting to display an IBG file with it.
Added/Fixed: Volume Label change code now updates EDC/ECC area of 2336/2352/2448 byte sector images - would have previously failed Verify.
Changed: 'HD DVD-RW' to 'HD DVD-RAM' (the new correct name for it).
Changed: Slight redesign of the 'Insert next disc...' dialog.
Changed: Maximum Speed (calculated over 2.5 seconds) value can now only be 20% bigger than average speed (calculated over 10 seconds), or else it is ignored. Might cut down on spikes caused by drives caching the I\O requests.
Changed/Fixed: Added an aligned buffer to one of the DeviceIoControls commands - used to enable/disable media change notification.
Changed/Fixed: The 'Supported Write Speeds' now ensures only 1 instance of a certain speed is shown. i.e. no more 'Supported Write Speeds: 2x, 2x, 4x, 4x, 8x, 8x, 16x, 16x'
Fixed: Sorting the Queue didn't update the file shown in the main window.
Fixed: Enabling 'Delete The Image File When Done' caused problems if 'Copies' (within the queue) was set at more than 1, or if the image was queued again. Queue is now checked to ensure the image isn't going to be used again before it's deleted.
Fixed: Redraw (empty box!) problem on device drop down comboboxes.
Fixed: Overburning 'Reserve Track' problem on Plextor and other burners.
Fixed: 'Reached EOF' error on PDI etc images.
Fixed: Incorrect MSF value in some places.
Fixed: Bug (access violation) deleting all items from Queue window.
Fixed: Bug with discovery mode showing 0 sectors when verifying - and verify not actually doing anything.
Fixed: Issues with my custom component - as used in Discovery mode for Sectors / MB stuff. It didn't display the correct number under Window 9x unless the program started in Discovery mode.
Fixed: Bug in UDF parsing code. Would only find/search about 39 files (max) when searching files for layerbreak info.
Fixed: Potential workaround for 'PlaySound' API hanging.
Fixed: Log window not always coming to foreground when app is activated - it appears like it's not visible/enabled.
Fixed: Removed dots from auto IBG naming with 'date' parameter.
Fixed: Certain actions could lead to cancelling a close/shutdown but the shutdown part still being enabled - hence when program is finally closed, the pc shuts down.
Fixed: Problem with updating the IFO's after figuring out a new layer break flag needed to be added


Added: New 'Sector Viewer' feature - within the 'Tools -> Drive' menu and the device context menu.
Added: Log windows 'Save As' box now defaults to/remembers the last folder you saved to.
Added: 'Open File' / 'Save File' / 'Browse for folder' dialog boxes are now centred when displayed.
Added: Checking/unchecking the 'Delete Image' checkbox during a burn/verify now also updates the Queue window (if it's open) to reflect those changes.
Added: Support for newer LiteOn drives & their new features in the 'Advanced Settings' window.
Added: 'UDF Revision' of the Image file to the log and to the tooltip/hint of the volume label text shown in main window.
Added: 'Volume Identifier' (aka. volume label) of the Image file to the log when burning / verifying.
Added: Device Buffer and CPU % Usage to IBG data file.
Added: Ability to remove the warning about overburning for people that use it all the time!
Added: Support for setting the action to be performed when the 'shutdown computer' box is ticked. Options are: Log Off, Restart, Turn Off, Stand By, Hibernate.
Added: New context menu to 'Shutdown Computer' checkbox (visible when burning / verifying). This provides a shortcut to the 'Shutdown Action' options.
Added: 'Layer Jump Recording' has now been fixed (Thanks to a nice man at LiteOn) and is no longer always disabled. Due to the weird way it works, it's actually very pointless and not at all what I originally thought/hoped it was!
Added: Ability to disable the 'Shutting down...' window that lets you abort the shutdown.
Added: '/IBG ""' CLI parameter. This will make the program export the graph data to that file when it finishes burning/verifying.
Added: Setting ImgBurn to be the default program for the selected image file extensions now refreshes the Shell Icon Cache to you can see the changes without a reboot.
Added: A few more errors codes to where the automatic tray cycling code comes into play between writing and verifying if there is an error.
Added: Errors are now looked at/checked for when using certain lengthy commands - i.e. Sync Cache, Close Track / Session / Disc. This now works for those where the 'IMMED' (immediate) bit is set - i.e. after burning. Previously, errors during these stages would go unnoticed.
Changed: Default IBG naming to something more useful.
Changed: Tweaked the 'max speed' capturing code a little more to help reduce the chance of 'spike' speeds becoming the max value.
Changed: 'Layer Jump Recording' warning message has been replaced by a 'Layer Break on DVD-R DL' warning.
Fixed: Stupid problem with the OS caching the image file as it's read into the internal buffer. This often lead to running low on memory and hence use of the hdd swap file - causing major buffer problems for some people.
Fixed: /TESTMODE CLI switch bypassed the normal checks for 'Test Mode' not working on certain media - i.e. DVD+ format discs.
Fixed: Bug with 'Open/Save File' dialog boxes being open and still being able to close the program from the task bar. This often led to an internal never-ending loop somewhere.
Fixed: Compressing the ImgBurn.exe file with UPX caused problems (BSOD's) on Windows 9x so this will not be used again. PECompact will be used instead.
Fixed: 'Delete Image when done' being unchecked on queued images as a result of resetting the controls on the screen ready for the next image.
Fixed: It wasn't possible to click the 'Write' button if the currently selected drive wasn't in the 'ready' state - even if that drive wasn't used by any images in the queue.
Fixed: Problem with using CVS version of NSIS installer on Windows 98. The Welcome / Finish screens were not displayed correctly.
Fixed: Problem with updating the IFO files when burning DL images where layer break position needed to be moved.
Fixed: The 'Shutting down...' window had problems when triggered by the 'Shutdown computer' option visible when burning.
Fixed: CD MDS files weren't being accepted as valid single session / track MDS files - when really they were!
Fixed: Discovery mode's Verify was including the 'parse filesystem' code - which of course failed as it's not a real image.

Imgburn V2 Released: Saturday 5th August 2006

Added: 'Build' mode for creating ISO's from files on your hard disk, or burning them direct to a disc.
Added: Capturing Processor usage is now optional.
Added: Option to change the thread priority of the 'Graph Data' thread. Might give more accurate results on some PC's.
Added: Workaround for Windows Vista where the system tray icon wouldn't display the initial (top most) 'Restore ImgBurn' item because it had the 'Default' flag set.
Added: Additional variations of the 'Send Cue Sheet' command when the initial attempt fails.
Added: If 'Send Cue Sheet' now fails because the drive is sooooo old it doesn't support SAO burning, the program will revert to TAO.
Added: Option to make Verify mode just test readability of the disc itself and not verify against an image file.
Added: Verify mode now reports (for all modes) the file mapped to any unreadable sector at a given LBA address.
Added: Buffer Recovery (+ user configurable threshold settings) for times when burning and hdd goes mental, meaning device buffer empties. This means less start / stopping for the drive.
Added: Option to set read speed for Verify mode (any type of verify, in the case where it's being done after burn etc).
Added: 32bit colour Icons to the icon used for 'default' file associations.
Added: When the program needs another disc as part of queued burns (and it's not the foreground window), it now flashes the taskbar button.
Added: A rating system to the layerbreak positions/screens. Should make it easier to pick the best one.
Added/Changed: The 'Wait For +RW Background Format' option into a 'Prefer Properly Formatted +RW' option. When checked, the program waits for background format to finish and will also prompt to format (before writing) any disc that's in the 'Formatted: No' or 'Formatted: No (Started)' states. When unchecked, it will only prompt when in the 'Formatted: No' state (i.e. when it really has to format).
Added: 'Mark as Burnt' to the Queue window context menu.
Added: New startup screen on OS's supporting layered windows.
Added: A new item to the main menu called 'Output'. This is visible in ISO Build mode and lets you switch between building to an image file or doing on-the-fly to a device (drive).
Added: '/VOLUMELABEL' CLI parameter for ISO Build mode.
Added: '/NOIMAGEDETAILS' CLI parameter for use in ISO Build mode. Does the same thing at ticking 'Don't Prompt Image Details' in the settings.
Added: '/OVERWRITE' CLI parameter for use in ISO Build mode.
Added: Support for detecting device arrival / removal.
Added: 'Copies' to the main window - as such, logic behind queue has had to change (as has the Queue window).
Added: '/COPIES' CLI command for use in ISOWRITE mode.
Added: Ability to load/save settings to a '.ini' file. File name passed via '/SETTINGS' CLI command or will default to 'ImgBurn.ini' in the exe's directory.
Added: 'Eject Tray' checkbox to all the transfer screens. Whatever that box is set to is now what the program does at the end of the burn (or burn + verify).
Added: Additional MD5 calculations to Build/Write/Verify modes where I thought they'd be handy - logged when operation completes successfully.
Added: Ability to eject the tray after write ONLY when there are additional images in the queue.
Added: Copies + speed info to the burn progress screen.
Added: Support for '.IBB' files - these are plain text backup project files. See 'ReadMe.txt' for additional information.
Added: Support for '/FILESYSTEM' CLI command for use in ISOBUILD mode.
Added: Support for CloneCD's updated version of my old '.dvd' file (from DVD Dec days) where it also contains layerbreak information.
Added: More image info to verify / write main screens (to fill empty space!) - due to additional real estate needed for 'Build' mode.
Added: Files > 1GB and that have sizes divisible (exactly) by 2048 are now just always accepted for burning - regardless of presence of 'supported' filesystems in the image.
Added: 'ImgBurn Statistics' to the 'Help' menu.
Added: '/LOG' CLI switch to auto save the log to specified file (overrides setting / filename in settings window).
Added: '/INFO' CLI switch to save Info panel information to specified file the first time a disc is fully recognised / checked.
Added: The installer now writes out the options (Desktop/Quick Launch icon etc) to the registry so those options are preserved if you install again.
Added: Ability to Load/Eject disc from Queue window.
Added: Improved file association removal code within the uninstaller.
Added: List of (supported!) file systems used within an image to the log and to the tooltip on the volume label.
Added: Ability to sort the queue asc/desc by clicking on the column header.
Added: Workaround for some old drives that wouldn't report a disc as being erasable.
Added: Option to ignore IFO/Filesystem layerbreak positions and revert to VOBU/ECC scanning.
Added: Option to set the chosen layerbreak position as 'seamless' via a checkbox in the 'select layer break position' / 'create layer break position' dialog boxes.
Added: Option to tell the program NOT to update the IFO/BUP files.
Added: Verify mode can now collect data / produce IBG files in its own right.
Added/Changed: Use of ComboBoxEx for device dropdown lists when running under Vista. The standard customdraw ComboBox didn't theme properly.
Changed: Processor performance counters are now initialised earlier to reduce the delay when the 'GraphData' thread starts.
Changed: Even when you load the ISO rather than the MDS file, the MDS (with the same name) will still be deleted if you opt to delete the image.
Changed: IBG files are now made to version 2 specs. You'll need an updated DVDInfoPro to view them.
Changed: Max speed can now be 33% larger than the average value (was 20%) - otherwise it's ignored - probably a spike.
Changed: Shortcut keys for modes/log window/queue window have been changed - forced due to nature of keypressing in new 'Build' mode. Old shortcuts do still work for Write/Verify/Discovery modes though.
Changed: 'L' and 'E' on Load/Eject buttons have been replaced by some pictures.
Changed: Updated 'ReadMe.txt' file with new CLI stuff.
Changed: The little picture of the drive in the device dropdown boxes is now greyed out for all devices except the active one.
Fixed: Drag + Drop of some items could look like it was going to work (going by the mouse cursor) but then didn't actually do anything (Effected Build mode's 'Source' box, the 'Queue' window and the 'Create DVD MDS File' window).
Fixed: When setting SPLIP flag in IFO/BUP files as a result of layerbreak stuff, it now checks the previous cell doesn't have a cell command before doing so.
Fixed: MSF values found in the 16 byte header of some CD sectors sizes (as part of internal conversion routines) were being calculated/stored in normal decimal format, not BCD (binary coded decimal).
Fixed: Selecting 'Incremental' and burning a CD meant all kinds of weird things happened. As Incremental doesn't work on CD (or at least not in ImgBurn), it'll always force SAO mode burning.
Fixed: Transparency problem with the 48x48x32 program icon.
Fixed: Unfinalised multisession discs where last session was empty were reported as being totally empty - meaning the program didn't prompt to erase them - meaning the burn then failed.
Fixed: Couldn't open read-only files (via the 'Open' dialog box) using Windows 98.
Fixed: Problem with non all-numeric OS 'short dates' in IBG files. The export function would bomb out because Borland's Date/Time functions wouldn't convert the string (taken from the IBG) back into a 'TDateTime' object. i.e. '2/July/2006 12:00:00' would fail where '2/7/2006 12:00:00' would work fine.
Fixed: Error message boxes shown from within threads did not stop other windows from becoming inactive.
Fixed: Problem where freshly formatted +RW media with unreadable sectors (not normal! - probably means burn will fail anyway) was not considered as writable.
Fixed: (Workaround) For a problem with Borlands resource compiler where icons have their index's messed up - this stopped the icon for file associations from working properly.
Fixed: Problem with Queue sort order not resetting when going between 'sort by name' and 'sort by name (ignore path)'.
Fixed: Unnecessary creation of reg keys for file types where association was disabled.
Fixed: 'Standard' user accounts got errors when closing the program down (failing to set file associations) - Maybe it is just visible in Vista?
Fixed: Problem updating volume labels in UDF filesystem if previously there was no volume label at all.
Fixed: Acceleration character (an '_') was shown in the Queue window for images containing an '&' in the volume label or file name.
Fixed: IBG CPU % usage stats on non English PC's.
Fixed: Incorrect 'Start In' property for shortcuts/icons created by the installer.
Fixed: Incorrect conversion of UDF revision field resulted in some weird values being reported.
Fixed: Problem where displaying IBG file with minimum required version of DVDInfoPro would show an error.
Fixed: IBQ files couldn't be loaded from the CLI and still keep all the correct settings - selected device info was lost.
Fixed: The Log window's open/save dialog boxes used the 'filename' path (part of internal structure) as the default folder, rather than the 'initialdir' path - so they didn't default to the correct 'Most Recently Used' folder.
Fixed: Compressing the exe with PECompact meant the 2nd application icon was compressed and so didn't show up for associated file extensions.
Fixed: Deferred errors caught by the 'WaitImmediateIO' function were not being correctly copied to the parent function - this could cause a crash.
Fixed: File Association code wasn't clearing up the registry properly.

Added: Option of using an auto-generated (where possible) volume label if none as been specified in Build mode.
Added: Option to auto ignore 'In Use' files during a 'Build'.
Added: Directories now have their 'Modified' dates preserved in 'Build' mode.
Added: Log entry to show existing emulation type of boot image (plus other info) on a cd/dvd when using the 'Create Boot Image' feature.
Added: The 'Sync Cache' command now auto retries when it fails with the error 'Logical unit not ready, Long Write in Progress'.
Added: If you load an IBQ (ImgBurn Queue) file and one (or more) of the image files don't exist, you can choose to locate them elsewhere - incase you renamed / moved them.
Added: Ability to add ';1' (known as File Version Number) to the files in the Joliet filesystem. This 'should' only be done for ISO9660 filesystem files but some players are buggy.
Added: Ability to auto queue images created in Build mode.
Added: The 'save on exit' option for the log now has the ability to append to an existing log file. The log is now save by default on new/updated installation and is set to append to a single file.
Added: Additional logging for when the 'Create Boot Image' operation fails.
Added: Option to apply the 'Delete Image' setting to the other selected images.
Added: Buttons to the bottom of the queue window for applying the current settings (i.e. those of the first selected image in the list) to all the other selected images.
Added: Option to sort Queued images by their parent folder name (NOT the full path, just the folder name).
Added: Info about total number of queued images remaining and total number of copies remaining to the burn queue window.
Added: An alternative 'Padded' MD5 calculation for when burning + verifying an image on DVD+R media where the drive automatically pads the image so the last sector is divisible by 16.
Added: Right click the 'Browse' button in the destination box (in build mode) and you'll get an option to swap the drive of the current path - it'll also show you all drive names / sizes (same as how DVD Dec used to do it when you right clicked the actual name).
Added: 'Stay On Top' to the system menu of the main window. (Left/right click the top left icon in the Windows caption bar).
Added: ISO Build mode can now be told where to put the DVD Video type content within an image (start/mixed/end) - really only applies to when you also have normal DVDROM content to add to the image - the default is 'mixed'.
Added: Support for listing the Manufacturer ID of BluRay discs.
Added: Various options for how often the 'Check for program update' code should run. Choices are: Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly.
Added: Speeds shown during burn/verify of HD DVD/BD discs should now show the correct relative speeds for that format (rather than being based on 1x DVD speed).
Added: Support for/detection of new types of media (HD DVD-R DL and BD-R DL)
Added: Buttons to copy volume labels to the other file systems - i.e. from ISO9660 to Joliet and UDF.
Added: Info about current status of 'IFO/BUP 32K Padding' option to the image details message box that pops up just before the build starts.
Added: BD-RE has been added to the existing 'DVD-RAM FastWrite' option. This prevents the drive from performing its own internal write + verification, leaving verification down to the software.
Added: '/CLOSEINFO' CLI command to allow closing of the application once it has written the info file (based on '/INFO' CLI command).
Added: '/ROOTFOLDER' CLI command to allow bypassing of the prompt about a single folder representing the root folder.
Added: '/NOSAVESETTINGS' CLI command to prevent the program from saving the settings when it's closed.
Added: '/VOLUMELABEL_ISO9660', '/VOLUMELABEL_JOLIET' and '/VOLUMELABEL_UDF' CLI commands for people that like to have different volume labels for each file system in 'Build' mode.
Added: Build mode can now be passed multiple folders/files via cli using the '/SOURCE' argument and by using pipes ('|') to separate file/folder names within the quotes.
Added: '%B' to the default IBG file naming options. This is replaced by the date in YYYY/MM/DD format.
Added: Option of automating the answer ('Yes' or 'No') to the 'Root Content' question in Build mode.
Added: IBB files now also support the 'Bootable Disc' tab settings in Build mode.
Added: Option to have the most recently used tab remembered / restored within Build mode.
Added: Correct sorting of files in the AUDIO_TS folder.
Added: The uppercase / filtering options for DVD-Video have now been extended to include the AUDIO_TS and JACKET_P folders.
Added: Warning message to the 'Ignore' button on the 'Create Layer Break Position' window.
Added/Changed: The 'Create MDS File' option in build mode has been expanded to allow 'Auto' / 'Yes' and 'No' modes. 'Auto' means it'll only be created when there is a need for it.
Added/Changed: Images built in build mode are now padded so their total size is divisible (exactly) by 16.
Added/Fixed: Files with the 'Hidden' attribute set are now marked as 'Hidden' within the image file that Build mode creates.
Changed: The 'Change Volume Label' dialog box has been redesigned so it's more like the one that pops up when you build an image without specifying a name.
Changed: Some of the pictures on the 'start' buttons have been replaced so they all match. i.e. no more picture of a hdd - it now shows a picture of an image file.
Changed: The 'Media' tab in ISO Build mode is now hidden when outputting to a 'Device' rather than an 'Image File'. It does not apply when outputting to a 'Device' because it's all automatic.
Changed: 'Create/Select Layer Break Position' dialog boxes are now resizable.
Changed: All the 'Media Control Notification' stuff has been rejigged so that windows can detect when the media/media content has been changed if the program isn't doing anything important like burning/erasing etc.
Changed: The Queue window is now reopened (if appropriate) after inserting the next disc for a queued burn.
Changed/Fixed: When a build is cancelled and an incomplete file is deleted, the empty folders were also deleted without warning. You're now asked if you want to remove empty directories.
Fixed: UDF filesystem wasn't using the 'Creation Date' specified in the options for volume dates.
Fixed: Statusbar stayed showing '0% - Creating Boot Image...' even when it had finished if the boot file was really small.
Fixed: Verify mode wasn't showing the correct 'progress' values (sectors, size, time etc.) for some CD images.
Fixed: Layerbreak code in ISO Write mode wasn't correctly being told about fixed layerbreaks - as found on DVD-R DL.
Fixed: Jumping focus bug when selecting items in the burn queue that had certain option enabled.
Fixed: It was possible to click the big 'Write' / 'Build' / 'Verify' buttons twice and get 2 lots of threads running doing the same thing. The buttons are now disabled the second they're clicked.
Fixed: UDF backup anchor could end up in the wrong position due to automatic drive padding on DVD+R when the total image size (in sectors) is not divisible (exactly) by 16.
Fixed: When doing queued burns (shared between multiple drives), the taskbar button would flash forever until the program was made the foreground app (by clicking on it). Now it stops it flashing once the 'Auto OK' thing has kicked in and it's no longer waiting for user input.
Fixed: Some of the 'open file' dialog boxes could attempt to take on default file names that they shouldn't have been (i.e. ones internal to the program).
Fixed: Path names with trailing back slashes weren't accepted/used by build mode when passed using the '/SOURCE' CLI command.
Fixed: In Build mode, double layer images requiring a lot of padding (to make it 50/50) and at the same time making use of 32k gaps could end up with layer 1 being larger than layer 0 and layerbreak LBA positions shown in the 'Create layer break position' window would be wrong.
Fixed: Incorrect offset in IFO when a gap was added between IFO and BUP (i.e when there's no, or a small, VOB file).
Fixed: Some methods of drag + drop weren't working as they should have been.
Fixed: PECompact virus warning from some AV software.
Fixed: 'End Of File Reached' error message when verifying some really small images.
Fixed: 'On Startup' option of setting the 'Build Mode' (i.e. what it outputs to - device/image file) didn't work.
Fixed: Incorrect custom file/folder times due to daylight savings being applied once within the image and then again by the operating system as the end user views it.

You can burn images(as before), folders, files or build isos from files and/or folders :)

Edit: you can even make bootable isos or discs
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My question is .... i havent used this program yet ..... but this is a cast off of a well known program that used the NERO engine, would'nt we still have to have it installed to burn with !?
VIPER_1069 said:
My question is .... i havent used this program yet ..... but this is a cast off of a well known program that used the NERO engine, would'nt we still have to have it installed to burn with !?
whats about nero here?


ImgBurn is a great image burning program. It has replaced my beloved Burnatonce which sadly seems abandoned.

Nero on the other hand, has become one of the worst bloatware packages in existence.
dx said:
ImgBurn is a great image burning program. It has replaced my beloved Burnatonce which sadly seems abandoned.

Nero on the other hand, has become one of the worst bloatware packages in existence.
Indeeed,even i dont use nero anymore..
And i thought i will love it and use it forever:)
Reeally pity for such a good proggy:)