DVD Decrypter The Ultimate DVD Ripper!

DVD Decrypter

I've got it, but according to the tutorial i've got, it's no good without DVD Maestro.
Is this true?

Well what can I say?
If you ain't got this yet best you go and get hold of it!:D
ChickenMan never leaves home without it....:D ;)

Are you telling me he's fallen out with Smartripper? No, I don't believe it. ;):D
@oldy no way bro but one to keep in the toolbox along with smartripper and a nice cool BEER! :D
PS: if you don't know what the beer's for then don't ask.
aybesea said:
I absolutely swear by DVD Decrypter... it's one of the desert island apps!
I`ve had DVD Decrypter for some time now,but I`ve never used it..I think I`ll start using it now though! BTW-Where can you get Smartripper? Never heard of it!
There is nothing wrong with good old Smartripper. It still does one valuable thing that DVD Decrypter does not. That is, load in a DVD thats already on your HD for further processing.


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man there are so many threads. i hate to be the total bum but could you point me to possibly the best thread to read that would make backing up my DVD's a reality? :confused:


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:D thanx for the links guys!!! my eyes are bleeding from all the reading among other things hahaa!!!! anywayz, i appreciate pointing me in the right direction. i'm probably going to try the shrinking method at first then try to put the dvd-9 (the big daddies or dual layer) on two different dvd-r's. by the way, is the loss of quality quite noticeable when you compress these movie files with dvdshrink???? lemme kno and once again i thanx thee!!! :D