Divx [Standard vs. Slow]


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hello. i have a dell 3ghz dual core [HyperThread] processor and i use divx pro 5.2.1. everything seemed to work fine until i had to reinstall divx. divx still works and all but now when i do a 3 pass encode [fast, standard, slow] it takes much less time. the last two passes, standard and slow, take just a little bit more time than when the encoder is set to "fast". this just doesn't seem right to me. i know in the past it took much longer than this, especially on the slow setting. i installed a newer version of divx [6.03] and the encode times went back to normal or closer to the way it was anyway. like 3 hrs or so for a 1hr13min animated movie{poohbear}on the slow setting.

i may be paranoid but it seems to me that divx521[my version] is doing the final two passes on standard speed even tho i'm setting the final pass to be on slow...........if anyone has had similiar incidents or perhaps by reading this recognize an encoding flaw of mine, please answer this thread and let me know. i know my pc is not the tops but it's not too shabby, none the less it should take longer to encode these avi's i think on slow mode.
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