Best freeware alternative programs


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mance said:
well, now that I've found the freeware gurus, maybe you can help me with this one.

Do any of you know of a freeware PDF print driver?

I've heard that OpenOffice will save office documents to PDF, and I'm going to have to try that out, but what I'm really looking for is an alternative to either Win2PDF (shareware, not freeware) or Adobe's PDF Print Driver. These are both utilities that install as a system printer in Windows allowing you to print to PDF from any application.

Anyone know a freeware alternative?


Oh and for your freeware lists, how about:

Jgaa's War FTP Server
and one of my favorites

pdf Printer driver (freeware):



Just print your documents with that printer (driver). It will convert them into pdf files!



Sorry, I forgot another free PDF converter:

PDF Creator.

You can download the program and guide from:

Actually, has many good freeware and guides, esp. for DVD.

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I havent seen this one mentioned yet, but I think its good for the yung ones. Its called terabroser. The link on the homepage appears to be down so you may have to do a search to find it elsewhere if interested.

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