A-Ray Scanner v2.0.2.0

Hi everyone,

As you have may noticed lately A-Ray page has some problems.
I have no idea whats with it. Maybe I will move whole page to some other place. At least downloads are still working (thanx Benny).

Well as you may remeber some people called me fool,
some were making fun of me, and some advised me to run debugger and check it. Yes I'm talking about my SafeDisc v4.0 picture...
I just hope this is not going to repeat again today after I'll show you this

I don't know if it is really v7 (don't ask me where is v6), but I had to make new scanning rutine for it.
So definetely it is something new...I was able to find it on two games so far. If you know about some more please let me know.


Best Regards,
THX for this update,m8!

Securom 7........??? :eek: :eek:
I hope there's a way to make a backup of this beast,version 5 is already a pain..... :cool:

I've Just Tested This Proggy..

My God It's A Handy Tools.. Atleast Its Not Extinct Unlike CLONY XXL..!
10 Out Of 10.. :):):):):):)