A-Ray Scanner v2.0.1.0

Well after a long while I present you a new A-Ray Scanner.
I finnaly did find time to finish it and improve it.
Skinning is better now. You can change color of every text
inside A-Ray so I would say now it's all ok. If you are
interested in making skins and you need 'tool' for that
PM me or email to rico@aray-software.com.

Well here is small list of changes:
  • Removed wrong Starforce Keyless (I will check it later)
  • Added Better skin support
  • Added detection of SYSIPHUS
  • Improved SafeDisc scan
  • Improved StarForce scan
  • Improved JoWooD Xprot scan
  • Well maybe few bug fixes I really don't remeber ;)

As always, any help is welcomed.


Ah and small present from me ;)