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  1. Duracell

    Ripping device recommendation needed

    Hi mates! My old LiteOn CD-ROM ist slowly dying, so i need a new drive as main rippping device. As the time for CD-ROM drives is gone, i think it's time for a IDE DVD-ROM drive. Quality in ripping results is prefered than ripping speed. So it should provide C2 error informations. The new...
  2. Duracell

    Any opinions about O&O Defrag Pro v8?

    Any opinions about O&O Defrag Pro v8? I'm currently using v6.5. Is it worth to upgrade, esp. the "layout.ini" option sounds promissing? Greetings from Duracell
  3. Duracell

    cFosSpeed X-Mas offer: 9€ No i'm not working for them! i saw this offer while looking for an update; so far the cost for a "driver" was the only negative fact; it's my honestly opinion cFos optimizes your PPPoE connection by using it's Traffic Shaping technology ; would highly recommend...
  4. Duracell

    You know _The Ring_?

    if not, have a look: (right click > "save as") Greetings from Duracell
  5. Duracell

    Which drive suits for me?

    O.K. guys and gals, seems my time for buying a DVD writer is coming. :eek: :D I know there are lots of threads about "Which is the best drive?" but my requirements are different. Mostly I will use it for data storing. So DVD-RAM recording capability seems highly recommended. When I say...
  6. Duracell

    buning fails with ECDC in XPSP2

    got the following message via PM from a new (afraid?) forum member; so please don't blaspheme, mates; :)
  7. Duracell

    capturing via BT878 works only after reboot

    OS: W2k SP4, DirectX 8.1 board: A78NX Deluxe (nForce2 Ultra 400) TV card: Terratec TerraTV+ (BT878) WDM drivers are up to date capturing/watching TV works only when i use the device a few minutes after rebooting; then i can caputure/watch for ages without a problem; if i start the software...
  8. Duracell

    charity wanted

    Dear Janie, i'm currently bearing sniffles, sore throat and head aches, you know this is allways hard for a man; i don't know if i will awake again tomorrow ;) so every encouragement is welcome; :D Greetings from Duracell
  9. Duracell

    Experiences about EPSON Stylus Photo R300?

    Anyone around with experiences about EPSON Stylus Photo R300? (capatable to print onto CD/DVD media) Or are there generally pluses or minuses about Epson? currently i'm thinking about buying this thing; don't have a printer...
  10. Duracell

    Recommendations for AMD system needed

    in the earlier january weeks i like to set up a new system in mid price range; it will be a Innovatec watercooled system in a Chieftec Dragon BigTower; so i like to list the questionable parts here, to get a recommendation from you mates; --------------------------------------------------- the...
  11. Duracell

    need a 24/96 sound card recommendation

    i want to buy an audiophile 24bit/96kHz sound card; multichannel is not important, but a must have is the ability to ignore the "Copy Bit" via S/PDIF-In; mainly i want to remaster my DAT cartridges and some LPs to CD-R; ignore Copy Bit is mostly a discreetly feature and not documented in the...
  12. Duracell

    How to make a service visible in MMC?

    i asked this question already in another forum, but got no answer; :( actually i'm using W2k, but the problem will be the same in XP; i know the XP forum gets more hits (probably more problems :D ), so i will ask here; my example: a critical device driver (Arrowkey CD/DVD Inspector) is called...
  13. Duracell

    How to split a DivX AVI file ...

    ... without recoding! Today I had to split a 2,10 GB DivX coded AVI file into 3 parts to fit they on 3 CD-Rs. I didn't found the right info here (used the search button) and the tutorial titles are related to other topics. So i did the google trick and found this short and useful article. The...
  14. Duracell

    WaveLab Update v4.01b available!

    Version: 4.01 b - *Updated July 29th 2003* - Platform: PC - Update - File size: 13 MB ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in version 4.01b 7/21/2003 since version 4.01a This is a minor update to fix a couple of issues found in 4.01a. · Main...
  15. Duracell

    ACPI and IRQ sharing kills (audio) performance

    the link is about speeding up audio performance, but may also help to solve generally resource problems: english: Optimization of Windows 2000/XP german: Optimierung von Windows 2000 Greetings from Duracell ==> mods & admins: Should i double post this in the XP section?
  16. Duracell

    2 questions about the LiteOn 52246S - 52x24x52

    1. Is the LiteOn 52246S - 52x24x52 supported by RecordNow Max's latest PX-Engine (b408)? 2. And any experience about the capability to copying protected AudioCDs (with EAC)? i bought one for a friend and next week i have to set up the drive; Greetings from Duracell
  17. Duracell

    CRW F1 "Audio Master Quality Recording"

    i want to say Hi in this forum rubric; im new here, because i bought an CRW F1E yesterday (79€ @ MediaMarkt); :) i also have a question: Is there any software beside Nero which supports "Audio Master Quality Recording"? Greetings from Duracell
  18. Duracell

    need well translation

    hi m8s, i'm loking for the best english translation; this shall be my new signature in our forum, so i need it well translated: original Über Fragen, die ich nicht beantworten kann, zerbreche ich mir nicht den Kopf. Konrad Zuse "den Kopf zerbrechen" is a idiom seems to translate with "rack...
  19. Duracell

    Subscribed Threads

    the "View All Subscribed Threads - Function" in the CP won't work for me; Forum Error? Greetings from Duracell
  20. Duracell

    Media from Taiyo Yuden or Mitsumi?

    Hi you helpful folk, Anybody know which brands are made by Taiyo Yuden or Mitsumi? Which are sells in Europe or especial in Germany? in Germany i never seen CDR labeled with "Taiyo Yuden" or "Mitsumi"; my writer is an RICOH MP7083A 32x8x8; in poko's advice i used "TDK Reflex Ultra CD-R74 24x"...