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    was converting this using convertXtoDvd is my quality gonna be good when i burn it or no the orig avi was good
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    wide screen

    ok bought a 52 inch widescreen, buy a movie for wide format and still has the black bars on top and bott. isnt the purpose of getting the widescreen to eliminate this?
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    best picture quality?

    I bought some Verbatim dvd+r dl blanks, I wanted to do a backup with no compression, can anyone tell me what software will give me absolutely the best picture quality compared to original, currently i use dvd decrypt,dvd shrink and elby clone dvd2, thanks
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    3 steps

    Hi i havent been backing up in a while and was wondering if there is a better or faster way to back up my movies, before the kids destroy them, right now i been using dvd decrypter, then i use dvd shrink, then clone dvd2, thanks for any responce to this q. bignight
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    dvd back up

    ok here is the q trying to copy my sacraface dvd , uses dvd decrypt. movie only, then in dvd shrink file is still like at 70% said and done will picture still look good, also tried dvd fab and vob blocker same results in shrink, am i missing something here, and im not sure if this post if even...