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    Update to vB 4.2.0

    Hi guys, after some revisions left untouched, there was a major update that we installed, which now also includes a skin for mobile devices. Currently we are back to the standard skin, but I am sure this will be worked out as soon as we find a nice and proper one. Greetings, N.B.
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    Updated to vB 4.0.3

    Hello folks, well, I just upgraded our forum software. enjoy :)
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    Discussion for Test 2

    You can view the page at
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    Discussion for Test

    You can view the page at
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    Welcome to vB 4.0

    Hi there, I just upgraded the site to vB 4.0 Suite. This is still an Alpha release and there are prolly some rough edges, but it gives us nice possibilities like a built in CMS, more social network capabilities and so this was the way to go. so stay tuned and thanks for still coming here ...
  6. N.B.

    Upgrade to VBB 3.8.3

    Hi there, still alive and upgraded the forum! enjoy ...
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    Upgrade to VBB 3.7.3 Patchlevel 1 and VBSeo 3.2

    Hi there, it has been _quite_ a while, but I upgraded VBB and VBSeo to the current version. Enjoy! Cheers, N.B.
  8. N.B.

    vBulletin Update and new design

    Hello people, I did just update the forum software to the actual version so we should be good there again ... And I found a pretty neat design for our forum :) It still has quite some edges, I know ... wrong language buttons no logo and stuff, but I will fix that asap ... Hope you like it...
  9. N.B.

    main domain change

    Hi guys, you prolly have all noticed that our URL has changed :) We now run under This was necessary because of many reasons, well sorry for the hassle, just relogin and enjoy. All the other urls for this forum redirect you directly to the new url, so it is kinda...
  10. N.B.

    Upgrade to VBB 3.5.2

    Hello people, I just installed VBB 3.5.2 which comes with some bugfixes, if you want to get some more detailed information about this, please check here: Enjoy :) PS: please report problems here ...
  11. N.B.

    down time today

    Hello people, sorry for the down time today, we had some software problems on the server, so parts of the operating system needed to be reinstalled which took me a while. Everything should be fine again, if anything is broken, just let me know. greetz, N.B.
  12. N.B.

    Big King XXL

    Hmm, biggest burger ever ? ... or at least the guy is enormous :D
  13. N.B.

    SuSE Linux v.10.1 Development release

    Hi floks, SuSE is surely the distribution for beginners, if you want a sneak preview of what is coming up, take a look here: :)
  14. N.B.

    VBulletin 3.5

    Hello people, It came out a couple of days ago, finally had the time to look into it. I will migrate the forum this evening, so there might come a little down time. So don´t worry, we will be back shortly. regards, N.B.
  15. N.B.

    Knoppix 3.9 released!

    What´s new ? <ul> <li>OpenOffice 2.0 BETA (german and english) <li>KDE 3.4 <li>Kernel 2.6.11 and unionfs update <li>dist-upgrade (all packages were updated to Debian/sid brach) </ul> Download: german <a...
  16. N.B.

    VBB Upgrade to v.3.0.6

    Hello people ! another release, new fixes .. hopefully now it is the final one :) Got another thing to announce .. the old server died completly ... Will get my hands on this box on the weekend ... I guess we are still able to read some data from the discs so ... We should recover most parts...
  17. N.B.

    server moving ...

    Hello people ... Within the next 2 days there is a downtime upcoming. Since we move to a new faster server .. so don´t be dissapointed, we are back soon ! Take Care .. N.B.
  18. N.B.

    VBulletin Update v.3.0.5

    Hello people.... another security issue was found in VB 3.0.4 so we had to upgrade immediatley ... Have fun ! :)
  19. N.B.

    VBulletin v.3.0.4 Update

    Made the update, seems to work perfectly. Please report bugs/problems here :) As usual .. The new version doesn´t bring much new features, just a bunch of bugfixes. If you want to look into detail, please check this URL: So...
  20. N.B.

    happy new year ...

    Hello people :) Hope you all had a good year 2004 ... and we wish you all the best for 2005 ... Take Care and check back soon ;)