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  1. weboneando

    how to ....

    I´ve installed mandriva one with kde in an old pc to run azureus from there, now I want that everytime that the system starts it automatically runs the app, found some solutions in google where it says that a shortcut to the app must be copied to the autostart folder in home but I can´t find...
  2. weboneando

    HD freezing

    Hope spmeone could give me a liitle help with this: I just got a new HD seagate ST3160827AS and installed it in the promise controller of my asus p4c800-deluxe, now the disk seems to work fine but every time that I acces the disk it freezes 4 or 5 seconds and then works fine for a while and...
  3. weboneando

    Wich video card?

    I´m assembling a new pc for games with parts that have been left around and now have to decide between this two cards: - Leadtek A250TD wich has 128mb and Geforce Ti 4200 AGP 4X - Pixelview PV-N36XA with 256mb and Geforce FX5700LE AGP8X Wich one would you recommend that I should use? the...
  4. weboneando

    Internet connection problems

    Recently did a fresh install of my system and since then everytime that I connect to the Internet the connections has constant activity even if I´m not doing anything, haven´t been able to trace down wich app is giving me this trouble, what can I use to track down the quilty one? Already have...
  5. weboneando

    cutting mpg files

    I captured a tv program with a Snazzi III capture card, this cards encodes directly to MPEG2 by hardware so in order to save time making a dvd I looked for an editor to cut out commercial from the captured file, well found MPEG-VCR and decided to give it a try, now the problem is this: I cut...
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    IBM denied to work

    I received an IBM Netvista for a reinstall of OS (recovery disk were lost so we proceded with a copy of XP), when tryied to install OS just before entering to the license agreement screen the pc reboot itself, tried several times and every time reboots at the same point, so tried again with 2K...
  7. weboneando

    Dead HD

    My partner in a moment of big stupidity connected one of our 2 WD2000 with the data connector reversed ending the life of the disk, just for curiosity to see if I could recover the info contained in the drive I swaped the logical card from the good one to the non-working and it worked!, the disk...
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    catalog for dvds

    I want to make a catalog of all the titles I have in dvd, Can anyone recommend me an app to do that?
  9. weboneando

    Corrupted subtitles

    I backed up Amadeus movie, it comes in a double sided dvd so I ripped both sides with dvdshrink (just movie so it doesn´t need any reencoding) and then rejoined the complete movie using vobedit and ifoedit to then proceed to reencode the movie so that it could fit in a dvd-r but when I checked...
  10. weboneando

    App for burning with a Lite-On?

    A friend of mine just got a Lite-On LDW-411S and he doesn´t like the included Sonic app for burning, since I´m using Nero with no problem at all I suggested to use this version but it resulted that his drive isn´t supported by this version, so what you guys suggest to use for this...
  11. weboneando

    want to play your old DOS games in winXP?

    Glidos is an app that lets you run old DOS games like TOMB RAIDER and DESCENT also many others in winXP with accelerated graphics, if you have some of this oldies and want to play them back again take a look at this site:
  12. weboneando

    DVD-R more compatible than DVD+R

    After a series of test in several stand alone players with diferent media the results tell that DVD-R has more compatibility with more players, for detailed info take a look in here...
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    In the jungle...

    A guy is lost in the jungle and suddenly he finds himself surrounded by natives that don´t look very friendly, desperatly he cries: Oh my God I´m screwed!!! Then the sky opens and a very strong voice comes from heaven: No you´re not screwed, see that litlle brown man with the bone in the...
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    vxd drivers

    I need vxd drivers for a soundblaster Live! or Audigy to run in winXP, do you know where to get them?
  15. weboneando

    The 3 chinese punishments

    This one I heard it in spanish so I´ll do my best translating A business man gets to a town in a last minute assignment and needs to find a place to stay but there´s a big convention at the moment so he´s having big trouble finding a free room. After several hours of search someone directs...
  16. weboneando

    Power DVD 5 and Remote Selector

    I´ve downloaded Power DVD 5 to give it a try and see whats new then I tried to use Remote Selector 2.2 to disable the region setings but I found that after running RS instead of letting me play any region dvd Power DVD wasn´t able to play any dvd even if I shut down Remote Selector and rebooted...
  17. weboneando

    Printing over cds

    Epson is now selling a model of printer wich can print over cds, here is more info: I was wondering if any1 around here has this if he/she can post a small review about it.
  18. weboneando

    Cable configuration

    I had a little progie that tells you the configuration of some cables lile laplink, midi and others... but now that I needed it is lost and I can´t even remember the name, I only remember that I got it from does any1 knows about something like this?
  19. weboneando

    win98 in a win2k domain

    I´m trying to join a pc running win98 to a server running win2k server , I´ve already installed "directory service client" in win98, then thicked "log on to windows nt domain" and set the domain name but can get to login. How do I have to set win98 to get a login?
  20. weboneando

    media player 9 how to...

    Any1 knows how to make a silent install of media player 9?