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    How to rip the Sub from AVI

    Hi, Would somebody please help/show me how to rip the Sub from the avi file?:confused: Thank you
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    How can I select the Audio Lang...

    Hi, I has one AVI with two type of sound in there..Germany and English. I use Nero to copy avi to DVD, it only record the German lang, what can I do to make the Nero to select the English lang? or any program to do that?? :confused: Thanks
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    Can I convert MPEGAV to DVD

    Hi, Please help me....Don't know is there anyways to convert the MPEGAV to DVD? I tried the to follow the instruction..1- use isobuter to extract the MPEGAV file by get the AVSEQ01, then use the DVDLAb Pro to work with it ...but no sucessed it. Would somebody please help me to refresh my memory...
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    How to join two full DVD?

    Hi, Would somebody please help/show me that to use what programs for join 2 full movies together?. Also, My DVD has encrypted, is there any way to bypass them? Thanks:confused:
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    Using TMPGEnc DVD Source Creator

    Hi, Would somebody please help/show me to fix this problem. I am using TMPGEnc DVD source Creator to join two movies Divx Ac3.6Ch ...and the picture come out good except there is no sound. What kind of codes or how to fix it? thanks
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    Movies picture turn UPside down

    Hi, Would somebody please help/teach me how to correct the movie pictures...the problem is some movies that I DL is watching OK but some of the movies ..the pictures turn upsidedown but before thise movies are OK. I don't know what went wrong? Please help me to fix those problems, Thank you.
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    DVD Video Music

    Hi, Would somebody please help me to cut the ISO Video music by two 4.7 G each? or please show me what tools should I use for this? My ISO file is 6.5 G. Thank you:confused:
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    How to join/convert

    Hi, Would somebody please help me to decode or join all 9 parts of WMV format to become DVD without loosing the quality of the movies? Thanks PS: If I post this in wrong place please correct me. THX :confused:
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    What are the best DVD Player which can play MPEG4?

    Hi, Would somebody please help/tell me what are the best in price and quality for the DVD player which can play MPEG-4? Phillip DVD642 could play MPEG-4 and the pricic is US$54 after rebate. Free S&H?? Any where are cheaper than this? Thank you for your help. :D
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    back up your DVD to CD by Nero v6.6.0.13

    Hi, would somebody please show me how to back up the DVD movie by using Nero that fit an entire DVD on to CD? Thank :D
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    why my convert dvd video by nero....?

    Hi all, why my option " convert DVD-Video Movies to Nero Digital(TM)" not working? Select "DVD", the click on the " Convert DVD-Video Movies to Nero Digital[TM] " take it but then go back to the Main Nero Menu. would somebody please tell me why??? :confused: Thank you. It is good to learn...
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    how to cut or split movie (AVI) to 2 files by nero 6.6.013

    Hi all, would somebody please help/show me where to read/ how to cut or split the movie to 2 by using nero before burn to CD 700 in the mode of SVCD? Thank you :D :eek:
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    how to cut the AVI life?

    Hi, would somebody please show me how to use nero v6.6.0.13 to cut the AVI file by two before burn to disc? The reason I would like to use nero becuase it seem very easy to use. But now I a/ running into the problem that the file is oversize. :eek: Thanks :D
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    How to fix this

    Hi Would someone please help me to fix this problem...I DL the movie and load it up...I got this message below. please help Stream 0 Media Type 0: -------------------------- AM_MEDIA_TYPE: majortype: MEDIATYPE_Stream {E436EB83-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770} subtype: MEDIASUBTYPE_Avi...
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    how to do with MPEG1 608x272 NTSC???

    Hi, I got two files which are ready to burn to CD but don't know what programs should I use to do that job and the files are MPEG1 608x272 NTSC. Would some body please show me what program out there is avaible. The reason I set the size like that because the original is same and the picture is...
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    7.2 GB fit in one DVD

    Hi, Would some body please show me how to make one DVD 7,2 GB fit in one DVD of 4.7 GB? is it possible or not? Thanks :confused:
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    DVD copy

    Hi, what are the best software will do DVD backup as indentical? I just got the movies name LOTR and the the total size of it is 7.30 GB???? . All DVD out there is only 4.7GB. Would somebody please show me how to do this? Thanks
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    How to install Subtitle into movie?

    Hi, Would somebody please show me how to insert the subtitle file into movie? I'm using dvd2svcd to decode movie file from AVI to svcd. Please show me how to do it? Thanks
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    how to

    Hi, Would somebody please show me how/where to/get the instruction to put the movie file on XVID, DVDrip on CD or DVDR so I can watch'em on my receiver? THX :eek:
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    which one is the best?

    Hi all, I'm looking for the program that can do all video work such as "". Do you guys have any suggestion? or please advise which programs are the best with the fair price? Thanks :confused: :D :cool: