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    Webcam not working on Laptop

    I have not used it in quite a while. Now when I try and use it, the webcam does not show up in Device Manager. If I bring up Windows Live Messenger > Tools > Audio Video setup, it states that no webcam is installed. I have tried reinstalling the latest webcam driver, resetting bios to the...
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    Is this possible with Linux??

    Hello Friends, Well I have installed Linux before some days..I am just confuse that "Can i player counter strike or any other game on linux ?"Please share the proper way if this is possible. Thank you in advance for your support and suggestions.
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    Glad To Be Here

    Hello friends, I have just joining this community.I am very glad to be here and have all other members.I hope that we will have healthy discussion and latest information sharing regarding to related topics.I hope for a nice time in future.