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    Divx [Standard vs. Slow]

    hello. i have a dell 3ghz dual core [HyperThread] processor and i use divx pro 5.2.1. everything seemed to work fine until i had to reinstall divx. divx still works and all but now when i do a 3 pass encode [fast, standard, slow] it takes much less time. the last two passes, standard and...
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    WAV[6chnnls] - AC3 5.1[correctly]

    hello. i'm trying to convert some of my movies to Divx with the best possible audio possible. instead of making mp3's for my avi files, i'd like to make ac3 audio for them. some of them are in 5.1 surround sound. some might ask " why don't u just use the ac3 files that came on the original...
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    nero 7 used read buffer

    :confused: how's it goin? i haven't been to the forum in awhile and this is probably a redundant question but i can't seem to find it in the search. i recently updated from nero 6 to 7 and all seems to be well except one thing. the used read buffer during the burning stages while using the...
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    Sky High

    i recently bought the film Sky High for my son and tried backing it up so it wouldn't suffer the same fate as all other dvd's he has used for frisbies and such. when i back my movies up, i always use decryptor and shrink. decryptor ripped this movie fine but shrink, nero recode, tmpDVDauthor...
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    Avi 2 Mpeg2

    hello all. i'm a bit new to this and have been reading quite abit but can't seem to find what i'm looking for. i'm re-encoding alot of avi files i have to mpeg2, so i can burn them to dvdr. im using the tmpenc encoder. my question is: how small should i make the mpeg's not to lose any...
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    razorlame commandline

    :confused: hello. i'm trying to figure out the best commandlines and what they do without using the presets with Razorlame and cdex. i don't want my hi freq's filtered under 20khz and i think the presets do this. when i chek the disable filter box it adds a "-k" to the command line. does...
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    3.96 vs 3.92

    does anyone know which is the better lame encoder these days. im told thenew one is [3.96] but i can't really see it being better than the one im using now [3.92] any suggestions? by the way i dont use the presets. i kno i kno much time has gone into them but ive had bad luck with the...
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    Are All .IFO Files Necessary for Movie Only Back up?!?!?!?

    When using DVD Decryptor, there's an option to load Movie Only or Movie and all IFO files. I've backed up using both methods and can't tell the difference in the backups. Wat are these extra IFO files that are backed up when checking Main Movie & IFO files and if it worx without them why add...
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    Why Create an AUDIO_TS Folder?!?!?

    When i open Nero to burn a Video Cd(DVD) it alwayz creates an AUDIO_TS folder, but when i add VIDEO_TS files and burn the back up and recheck it, there is nothing in the AUDIO_TS folder. Is this folder necessary? -I backed up a DVD using ROXIO 6 with the Classic Creator Mode in Data CD format...
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    ASPI [ won't work ]

    i just recently upgraded an older pc i have to windows ME. it has two CD/WR drives and both of them worked great. i wanted to put CDEX on this computer and did so. once i did it would lock up everytime i tried to open the application (CDEX). i assumed i needed the new Adaptec ASPI drivers...
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    ENCODERS: Which, Where, & How???

    :confused: man i encode everything at 16oK/sec w/CBR. i'm sure im loosing quality but i really can't tell the diff. now i can with like 128k or 96k. it sounds muffled. i dunno maybe im gettin old but i thinx 160k is just fine. my question is, if you don't mind me askin, how do i distinguish...
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    smoke em if ya got em?!?!?!!

    how goes it people???? im new to this, so if you read some stupid ????'s from me, bare wit me!!! lata!!!