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  1. zver

    Mozilla firefox

    Im using latest version2.x-something and it takes betwwen 0-30%cpu and up to 100 m of ram-is that normal couse ie use much less?? I would like to keep firefox,tryed reinstalling still too much cpy??:confused:
  2. zver

    Media-info-replacement for gspot with audio option too Really excelent proggy-first time i do not have installed gspot in a years:)
  3. zver

    Which drive is good to buy??

    My nec3540a just died,so i checked the store and i found a new lg h10 which is 16 times and model 22 which is 18x speed. Also there are liteons with 16x and 18x speed.. There are lightscribe models and regular-which are better,i never had a lightscribe so i dont know nothing about-does it...
  4. zver

    Hard drive failure-please help

    Ok here is the story,drive was ok-or thats what i thought-its a samsung 80 gb ata ide and it was connected on my pc just for a data-no windows installation on that drive.Suddenly i couldnt see that drive in explorer,but when i go to computer management i can see it there but i cannot initialize...
  5. zver

    For people who have installed fsecure internet s.2006

    I have this app installed lasst 2 months maybe and usually update is every 1 or 2 days-i have set it to automaticatilly update and he do that every hour or so..Suddenly last 9 days there is no update-i can see the log and the app visit the fsecure server,log there and after few secunds says...
  6. zver

    Winamp 5 as audio-video player

    Ive been using winamp2 as my audioplayer and was ok.. Now i thinking maybe to go back to wa5.. My question is; 1. As a video player is it wa5 stable and can it play like vcd,svcd or dvd from disk 2. Can it play dvd files from hd-eitherright click on folder like vls,or to open videots.ifo like...
  7. zver

    Somebody using Mac here???

    Is it anybody into it here??Couse i always used windows and somehow got it before few days a mac laptop-its a powerbook G4(used),and wanna learn basics.. Im in no rush to learn it but maybe i will need some help to start a thing:eek: Probably i will try first to format a hard drive and install...
  8. zver

    How to keep pc 24/7 connected to net

    As the topic says; My pc is on 24/7 and sometimes i see that internet connection got disconected-while i was sleeping.. How to prevent this and keep it on 24/7??:)
  9. zver

    For people who need good bt client

    After tryuing it for 3 weeks i can say that utorrent is the best client i ever had. I was using azerous for a long time,2202 version as the latest one was not running goodeverything was ok apart from using a tons of resources-still i had to live with that as azerous is the top,but i found a good...
  10. zver

    Backup os with mbr or not

    I wanna make a backup today but i got a newest paragon hd manager and when i wanna go a safe route with wizard there is a option i dont know.. I remember that i was talking on a cdr forum before and i was told something about mbr-master boot record_but cant remember. Anyway i wanna backyp my c...
  11. zver

    Temp files in win explorer

    Ok,here is one.. When i made a files to be not hidden-you can see documents and settings folder and tons of folders inside... There is a temp folder inside with a tons of files(size is 350 m on my pc), and while i always erase my temp files from internet explorer,what to do with those.. For...
  12. zver

    Xbox backyp to dvd

    Hey guys...My friend asked me this.... How to backup the xbox games?? He needs to record it on dvd by burner?? Can all dvd burners do that and which models and media has the biggest success rate??
  13. zver


    I got a qyestion guys. I just downed a metallica dvd and its a 7.5 gb so i wanna try to compress with dvd2svcd and cce2.50.. But i always ripped-converted dvds which were allready in iso image format... This is a video ts folder,so is it possible to compress it.or i have to make a iso first???
  14. zver

    Virus problem

    Somehow i got some spyware-trojans or viruses whatever is and i had a real trouble to cleean it...First i discover when fsecure popped out but failes to clean??ame with spybot-rep[orted everything is ok,same with trojan hunter... Symantec online scan found it,microtrend found 6 but failed to...
  15. zver


    Somebody tryed to update version 1.30 with new 2 alpha???is it demo or unlimited??
  16. zver

    Problem with new azerous

    After updating to newest 2.3.00 i got a big problems,after trying all k9inds of java vesrsions and reinstalling,wanna go back to 2.2 but cant find it.. Somebody have it or know the link for 2.2 please as now my pc is really slow and as soon as azerous is off everything is ok???So if you cann...
  17. zver


    What this file do??its a 700 mb and its hidden??can i somehow reduce it to smaller size??or i shouldnt touch it :)
  18. zver

    Audio identifier

    Audio Identifier © 2005 by Vlad Rusu the definitive audio file analyzer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Audio Identifier is an audio inspector. You can browse through your audio collection with it and it will show you useful information, like...
  19. zver

    Burrn1.13 is out

    Excelent audio cd burner,small,free,supports eac noncompliant cuesheets :) Burrrn -
  20. zver

    Sad news here One really good site got closed,and it was a kind of legal site imo :mad: