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  1. ponzan

    DAEMON Tools v4.09.1 may break optic disc functionallity on your system

    Caution DAEMON Tools v4.09.1 breaks ripping with Exact Audio Copy, Nero recording on RW media and who knows what else check here I couldn't guess what was happening, but suddenly EAC not only wasn't working, it would crash and give the...
  2. ponzan

    new Exact Audio Copy 0.95 beta 2

    What’s new in version 0.95 beta 2 =========================== Fixed some starting up issues and “Expecting only one toc-file” problems using CDRDAO Added a new experimental command line switch for those still having freedb problems Some smaller fixes ( to have...
  3. ponzan

    NEC or BenQ

    yesterday was NEC or Pionner, now it seems the BenQ-Phillips DW1620 are the main NEC contenders check [INDENT]
  4. ponzan

    search-find files/folders not working any more

    I'm with Win 2K and suddenly win explorer's search-find files/folders function is not working any more. Instead of a search window a win explorer window flashes briefly on the task bar and then closes. Also, ain't working the go to the original file function from an icon properties window, it...
  5. ponzan

    XP-Antispy 3.83 out

    XP-AntiSpy is a little utility that lets you disable some built-in update and authentication 'features' in WindowsXP and 2000 XP-Antispy 3.82 Changelog: * The possibility to patch the tcpip.sys to enhance the connection limit can be found under special->connection limit. * The possibility to...
  6. ponzan

    check your antivirus if you dare

    just saw this in another forum with the W word, and felt I have to reproduce it here (thanks goes to leech) Quote: Are you man enough to test your antivirus ??? Saw this and found it interesting - I hereby state that I am not responsible for any errors caused by doing this .. DO THIS AT...
  7. ponzan

    new v.5 Waves Bundles

    WAVES V.5.0 release includes new builds of all the plug-ins for Mac OS-X and Windows. A new bundle – Waves Musicians Bundle 2 – is also introduced in this release. What's New in WAVES V.5 · Tempo Sync - Four plug-ins have been upgraded with a new feature of automatic tempo sync. The...
  8. ponzan

    software equalizer for integrated audio ?

    I have VIA-AC97 integrated stereo audio in the mainboard (that's good enough for me at the putter) and I would love to have some kind of software equalizer for the "audio card" so any sound coming from any app or player can go through it and use the same presets. But I've been unable to find...
  9. ponzan

    Canopus ProCoder 2.0 came out

    (since nobody commented this here yet) in case you haven't noticed, Canopus ProCoder 2.0 came out this week Advanced Features within ProCoder 2.0 > Aspect ratio conversion > Frame rate interpolation > NTSC/PAL conversion > Automatic adaptive deinterlacing > 3:2 pulldown > Multi-pass processing...
  10. ponzan

    how to stop a CD burner

    sometimes, just some few times, I can't figure out why, with CD burning programs, RecordNow Max, CDArchitect, NERO, while burning music CDs, the burner will not stop after a burn, it will keep running forever with the burning LED flashing!! It won't stop even if I cancel the burn and...
  11. ponzan

    BeSweet 1.5 b27

    changes: - support for 32bit floating-point waves at sizes larger than 4gb - fixed an issue with interfacing toolame.dll - re-enabled postgain module (had been disabled by mistake) BeSweet is an audio transcoding tool. It lets you convert...
  12. ponzan

    Hard Drive activity monitor

    is it there some kind of simple, low resources wasting, system tray kind utility to monitor HD activity and the speed of transfers in MB/s, like an internet bandwith monitor does ? I mean, not just a LED type light like O&O drive LED, or Sysinternals Diskmon, but something with some kind of...
  13. ponzan

    debughack anyone ?

    DebugHack (Synergy Solutions). This is a debugger (just a 2K freeware file), that works as an extension of Hackmaster or X-Master. I can't find this anywere over the net, all links send to palmspot but the download is not working so if anyone has it please share ;)
  14. ponzan

    how to rip music of PC games?

    What’s your preferred approach for ripping the audio -the music- of PC games?. If seems undisputable your right to make and use your own play lists with the music you already own, meaning that to burn CD's or to fill memory sticks or whatever with the songs you like from your CD collection or...
  15. ponzan

    CDRW***Z forum is back

    just log-in, they are back from scratch, have to register again and all previous database, posts, etc, seems to be gone cheers ;) :cool: :)
  16. ponzan

    Nero changelog

    just found this at New features: added several new recorders. Implemented many accessibility features Speed up checking for dynamic read/write speed support Better recognition of Data-Multisession-CDs Erasing with 12x has been improved Bug...
  17. ponzan

    Media Player Classic 6476 & 7 not playing real audio streams

    last's Media Player Classic 6476 & 7 are not playing real audio streams for me anymore (like CD previews at Record Stores sites) as previous versions did and still does well (had to get back to MPC 6475). But they do do ra files from my HD or .wma streams. All mpc options are keept within it's...
  18. ponzan

    is there a way to fix mp3's flanging artifact?

    I need to fix some I guess poorly encoded mp3's with some flanging artifact (otherwise OK) and I don't have access to the source files, so I've to fix what I got (I've access to all kind of audio software, so that's no prob) is that possible?
  19. ponzan

    analog to digital video conversion advice

    I've been searching around for this for some time (have no much experience on it yet), so far unable to find the answers I need. Maybe this might be a nice tutorial to offer. OK: I want to preserve and mostly to edit a little my personal, historical family-travels, etc. videos. They are on just...
  20. ponzan

    Fix double scrolling after last IE6 update

    just saw this in another forum (thanks goes to NoSpam) and didn't find it mentioned here so.. if you are experiencing as an annoyment this double scrolling upgrade, when you click on the scroll bar after last IE6 critical update, you can fix it by replacing your current MSHTML.DLL (mine was...