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    bios blocked

    hi ive got a laptop toshiba 1800/700 series it been freezing up and also rebooting coming up blue screen and now it comes up this message bios block1 damaged call service man it doesnt even load to operating system so could this be faulty memory or hardrive any help much appreciated thanks
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    windows media player 10 pausing

    hi im playing avi and xvid and also svcds through windows media player 10 and nero showtime but they keep playing and then it pauses carrys on then pauses again these are the codecs i have insatlled ac3filter divx 5.11 ffdshow huffyuv avi loseless koepis xvid mpeg 4 codec is this all i should...
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    virtual dub help

    hi im opening an mpeg or avi in virtualdub 1.510 inclusive and comes up this message do you know what it means couldnt locate decompresser for format xvid [unknown] virtualdub requires a video for windows vfw compatible codec to decompress video. directshow codecs such a s those used by windows...
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    mp4 player

    hi i purchased an mp4 mp3 player i got some software with it which is mp3 player utilities 3.06 when i install it and try to run the program called mtv convert tool it comes up this the procedure entry point wmcreatesyncreader could not be located in the dynamic link libary wmvcore.dll has any...
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    usb datalink cable

    hi ive just purchased a usb datalink lead but it did not come with any software or driver i plug it into my pc and comes up this usb host to host bridge but it cant find the required driver im running xp this is the actual datalink cable from this shop i bought mine of ebay but cant actually...
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    internet regrade

    hi ive recently regraded from a 512line to a 1mb on my acatel speedtouch connection its saying my speed is 2.2mbps is this right as i cannot have 2mbps on my line cheers
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    best software

    hi ive got some svcds and i want to burn them to dvd what author program allows you to add the as tmpgenc dvd author doestnt what other author program will add them but just as the filesize they are no better quality and it only takes like 30mins any help much appreciated many thanks
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    hi ive recently changed isp ive changed from wanadoo to pipex the only problem is that ive set up going on the net and say im downloading something and i try to do something else my computer starts freezing on the programs ive done an antivirus check and i had 10 unwanted programs and 1 trojan...
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    how to add a subtitle to dvd

    hi ive got a film in xvid but its in chinese ive got the english subtitle but dont no what program to use or how to join them together any help also is there a program that you can change it from chinese to english without the subs is it called dubbing thanks in advance
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    hi ive got a psion lz64 yes i know its old do you know if you can get the comms software for it to work on xp id thought id ask and it probably a long shot but you never know many thanks
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    which is best

    hi ive been on wanadoo now for over 12months just on a 512line there saying that over the past 3months ive downloaded 107 gig a month and they have sent me a letter out saying ive got to cut my usage down to 40gig or they will cancel my account the only reason im still with them is because im...
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    computer case

    hi im after a computer case or tower should i say with 8 drive bays 5.25 that is so i can fit 8 dvd writers in it do you know of any sites and how much would it be cheers
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    hi ive got a pc and laptop ive got files on the pc which i want to transfer to the laptop and vice versa windows xp is installed on both of them and ive also got a usb networking lead could someone expain to us how you go about setting my pc and the laptop up so i can transfer files across to...
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    epson r300

    hi i had an epson r300 for xmas ive used it for about 30-40 a4 normal paper sheets and 3 of the ink cartridges are gone and the other 3 are nearly gone is this normal these are the proper epson cartridges that come with the printer id of thought theyd last longer than this any help much...
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    samsung 120gb

    hi ive just bought a samsung 120gb harddrive installed it and in the bios it comes up as 33gb and in my computer because ive got another drive with windows xp on it comes up as 33gb on my computer drive d: am i doing something wrong or what ive put xp on the 120gb hardrive formatted of course...
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    whats this mean

    hi ive been having trouble with my pc so i put my quicktech pro disc in to check whole pc and it failed on this test 15 minute extended memory what does this mean ive got a 512ddr 266mhz and a 256ddr 266mhz and an asrock motherboard any help much appreciated
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    alright i had a problem on my pc so i formated it it was 120gb i formated it and now its 31gb ive tried to install me and it just freezes on 100% of setup process i tried xp do you know when it comes up windows setup with blue screen it wont go past that to install it and it wont format it or...
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    hi ive recently purchased a slidecard and out of about 10 games ive only managed to get pro evolution 4 to work i use nero 6 to burn the images and i also got rocky legends backed it up it booted up then starts pausing in ps2 and wont even start game are these slidecards any good i am i doing...
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    does anyone

    hi ive been looking on and they have got a slidecard + swap magic v3.2 that you dont have to solder for ps2 it sounds like it pretty easy to use i wondered if anyone had one to tell me if its worth getting one also it says it plays backed up games on cd-r and dvd-r and also original...
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    How Do I make slideshow in Nero

    hi ive got some pics on digital camera and want to put them on a cdr to play in my dvd player as a slideshow sort of thing someone said to use nero 6 but could someone tell me how cheers