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    z-340 vs z-2300

    Hey. Does anyone know if the z-2300 will be much better than the z-340. I got the 340's now and i want a big improvement on bass. Dont really care about sound quality just the bass. Want it to be able to be heard outside or pretty much equal to a car sub. Just been reading reviews and they both...
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    Dvd problem

    Hey, I just tried to put some files onto a dvd-r dvd. I used nero 6 in dvd iso mode and when the dvd finished i checked the dvd and theres no files on it. It says 0 bytes used 0 bytes free. But when i go to use the dvd again it says the disk is full insert another one.
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    Another new comptuer

    Im making another comptuer for around $700 not including screen keyboard mouse etc. I need help for getting the best parts i can afford for all up equalling around $700-$800 australian. So what CPU, Motherboard, Ram, Hard drive, Graphics card, Power supply should i get in it? Thanks
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    Sharing drives

    I have networked my 2 comptuers using ethernet from Main computer to the other and now im having trouble sharing the C: I clicked on share this folder on network and it doesnt show up on the other comptuer. Is there anything i have to do before this works?
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    Upgrading old computer

    I just wanted to change my old computers graphics card. It uses SD ram. These are its stats or watever its called 2.0ghz processor tnt64 graphics card 768mb ram gigabyte GA-8SDX motherboard I was gonna go buy a 9550 or something. But then remembers this is a SD ram comptuer and most graphics...
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    Ram Problem

    Hey I moved my old comptuer to the same room as this one so i could share internet with them and now the old comptuer sys its only got 256mb ram when it should have 768. Do you know what the problem is there?
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    My motherboard

    Hey i have a asus a7n8x-x motherboard and i think i got an ide Seagate hard drive. Its only 60gb and i wanted to get like a 200gb one except most of the hard drives i see are sata. Can my motherboard use a sata harddrive and if so which one do you think i should get. Price i want to spend is...
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    Making new pc

    Hey my sister wants a new computer. She wants to pay around $700 all up in Aus money. Monitor doesnt really matter any will do. Would any of you be able to name the best parts you can think of that will end up around $700 including everything that will be needed inside.
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    DVD Burners

    Hey I was just wondering if this dvd burner is better than the one I got. Right now I have a Iomega dual dvd drive and it cant use 8x dvds just 4x and under. It cost me around $380 about 2 or 3 years ago not sure if that means its good or it cost me alot because they were kinda new back then...
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    Essential files

    Just wondering is there a list of essential downloads each comptuer should have on a website anywhere? I just downloaded a preview video and it played as a music file on media player. I dont know how to fix it but its gotta be a patch or something i need. I just wanted to know if theres a list...
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    ps2 problem

    I dont know if this is the rite forum to ask this but when i play a game its like the ps2 is stuck on moving to the right. I would be racing then all of a sudden it will turn right and be stuck there untill i unplug the controls and put them back in. Is this fixable?
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    Formating computer

    is there a way i can delete everything off my comptuer besides windows? I just wanted to clean the comptuer and get rid of all viruses and spyware because these spywares keep coming back and ive triedd alot of programs to stop it
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    Car sub woofer to pc

    Hey, I have a logitech subwoofer on my comptuer but it just doesnt sound like the one i have in my car. Do you know if thers a way i could connect a car sub woofer to the comptuer? I was thinking maybe i could just buy a cheap $80 sub woofer (because any car subwoofer would blow a pc one i...
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    Pc power usage vs TV

    Hey me and my dad are arguing over the power usage of the computer and tv. He says the comptuer uses heaps more power than the tv and i say the comptuer uses nothing. With the computer turned on with no speakers or anything vs the tv with sound on normal volume...would any of you be able to say...
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    Wireless Router

    hey. I just bought a netgear wgr614 wireless router and 2 gigabyte GN-WPKG wireless lan pci cards. The problem is i cant well...dont know how to set it up. I currently have optus cable internet conecting to my pc using usb...the router tells me to plug everything in by ethernet. My cable modem...
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    Hi. I turned on my comptuer and there was some installed spyware. I deleted them using add remove programs and ran adaware aswell. They leave the computer then when i turn the comptuer on the next day there all back. they are internet optimiser, ISTsvc, media acess, powerscan, sidefind, surf...
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    My old pc

    Hi i just bought a 40g hard drive for my old comptuer it works and all. The problem is that when i try to install the graphics driver it says windows did not find any nvidia chipsets. It is a pretty old comptuer the graphics card is a nvidia tnt2 64mb. Its running on windows 98. When i go into...
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    Graphics tablet

    I have been making flash animations for about 3 years now but havnt really liked the way i drawn everything with the mouse. Im a good drawer with pencil and paper but mouse and computer is alot harder to do the right picture. Would a graphics tablet help me make my animations any better?
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    Whats your dream pc?

    If you could make a dream pc what would u put in it? i dont know if these are good parts but by the sound of them i choose. AMD Athlon64 3800 Socket 939 'Venice' Core Seagate 400G Hard Drive Asus A8N-SLI, nFORCE4, 2 x PCIE, 2 x GLan, Sata 2560mb ram Creative Audigy2 ZS Platium sound card 2 of...
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    neverwinter nights

    hey i went to the shops looking to buy diablo 2 because some friends said it was a good game to play online. I went to about 7 games shops and none of them had it in stock. So i bought neverwinter nights. I installed it thinking it would be fun online. I played it and now im confused... I dont...