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    CD-RW Problem

    Hi guys I'm Having problems burning to CD-RW's it keeps saying full and thats after doing format on it. Any idears why its doing this using: Nero Burning ROM Alcohol 120% BlindWrite 5 Thanks for any help guys
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    Help: Which UDMA HD?

    Hi guys Just a quick one can u use a UDMA 100 or UDMA 133 for my XboX I'm looking round on the net for the HD at the mo. Big thanks for any help guys
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    How to backup UTk4 DVD?

    Hi guys Just got my UTk4 DVD now i would like to make a backup of it what prog would i use to do a 1:1 copy of it? I think its protected with securom new. any idears how to do it. Big thanks in advance
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    DVD Decrypter virus hits the web - don't open attachements

    I read this from CD Freaks thought i would post it guy. DVD Decrypter virus hits the web - don't open attachements Posted by Jan Willem on 03 March 2004 - 23:24 - Source: DVDDecrypter Conductor used our news submit to tell us that DVD Decrypter website warns its users for a virus that sends...
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    Roxio Easy Media Creator™ 7!

    Well I have gone and tryed Roxio Easy Media Creator™ 7, and it the best software for doing mutils sesions on DVD :) Which is what i wanted in the 1st place.. i'm just wondering if on anoe else has used any of the other software that comes with it yet?
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    Tryed DVD(UDF) 4 Multi Session

    Need Help Guys I have Tryed this (use your current/favorite burning software; create a new plain UDF (data) DVD project; add your files, burn the DVD by choosing: "not closing/finalizing" and "TAO = Track At Once"; next burning time you do the same with the same DVD; last time when you burn to...
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    whats the diffrance between DVD X Copy XPress &?

    ok whats the diffrance between DVD X Copy XPress and DVD Decrypter & DVD2One. i have had a go with DVD Decrypter & DVD2One and u have to do a lot of playing around, Where as DVD X Copy XPress does it in one go no messing around it does it all and fits all of the orig on to the copy...
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    Prassi PrimoDVD 2.0.829 no go with Pioneer 106 DVD writer

    Hi guys Prassi PrimoDVD 2.0.829 does not see my Pioneer 106 DVD wirter, how can i get it to find it. it can find my Lite-on 52x24x52 with no problem. Big thanks in advance for any help.
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    codec problems!

    How do i know which codecs i need and where is the best place to get them? when i run CyberLink PowerDVD 5.0 it says need codecs and does not play, and Windows Media Player just closes down :( any help would be a great help Big thanks in advance
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    Bac up DVD problem

    Hi guys still new at this so hope ya can help :D i have made a back up of X-men2 which works ok on my home DVD and on my other half's home system as well. but when i want to watch it on my Computer i have problem :( when i use CyberLink PowerDVD ver 5 it starts up ok then error comes up...
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    Multisession Problem!

    Does any one have an idear of the problem, i am using a Pioneer 106 and datawirte red. I can burn a DVD Flim with no problem at all but when it comes down to doing data this is the problem. I can burn on to the disc just once with no problem but when i add to the Multisession and say i have...
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    Bac Tribes2 with Alcohol 120%?

    Hi guys :D Hope ya can help here i want to backup my tribes2 with Alcohol 120%, is there any setting i have to follow. Will i beable to make a 1:1 copy of the game so i dont have to find any exe XXXX for it. Big thanks in advance.... sorry did not mean to breck the rulez should have...
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    Looking at getting a DVD Recorder

    Hi guys just would like some help if poss, Im looking at getting DVD recorder but there r a few to pick from. I have been looking at the Pioneer 106 DVD recorder as the 105 is no longer going to round any more.. What does the DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW stand for? Oh sorry if i have posted this in...
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    WinXP Home ED?

    hi guys I have heard that winXP home ED is on the WinXP pro Disc is this Ture and if so how would like install it ? thanks in advance sorry if it is a daft Question or which ever way round it is :confused:
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    CloneCD 4 amplify

    I just downloaded Clone CD version 4 and was wondering how I could enable the "amplify weak sectors" option without changing the language settings to a foreign language. ( UK, USA ) when i had the older version on i could set the amplify ok but now i don't know where to find it with this new...
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    ccd-Lock ?

    Hi guys has any one used this Programe at all ? if so whets the best setting to put it on and does it work with CloneCD 4. thanks i'm useing a Lite-On 40x12x48