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  1. gettygas

    What Happens when you steal a cell phone

    I think this is funny...:) :) Over a Sidekick Phone..:D h**p://
  2. gettygas

    Windows Live Messenger - The New MSN!

    Microsoft are re-inventing a lot of their products with a new range they are calling "Windows Live Ideas". At the moment these are in the beta stage such as Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Safety Center, etc. But one of the most exciting will be the new product to take over the...
  3. gettygas

    Microsoft attacked over Vista name

    IT seems just about everyone is slating Microsoft for its new OS name choice, but the latest to have a go at The Mighty Vole are two charity groups that help health care organisations set up US Veterans Administration software, reports Infoworld. WorldVista and The VistA Software Alliance are...
  4. gettygas

    Firefox clocks 50 million

    Firefox clocks 50 million News:- It’s the Big Five O for Mozialla’s Firefox web browser. Fifty Million copies have been downloaded making it the most popular downloader out there, relatively speaking. The ‘relatively’ comes in when you consider Microsoft and its Internet Explorer...
  5. gettygas

    MS free beta anti-spyware program

    hxxp:// WHAT IS SPYWARE Spyware is a general term used for software that performs certain behaviors such as advertising, collecting personal information, or changing the configuration of your computer, generally without...
  6. gettygas

    Pioneer DVR-A08 or 108

    Pioneer DVR-A08 or the Pioneer DVR108 are they the same. :confused: :confused: which 1 would you buy :confused: egghead dvr-a08 $126.00 egghead dvr-108 $69.00 Wife wants to buy me an x-mas gift lolo :D
  7. gettygas

    Urgent Warning paypal spoof

    Hi, I was one of those affected by the email/paypal leak and I have just received an email with a link to a spoofed paypal website requesting my login & password for paypal. The email is as follows: Dear PayPal user, Your account has been flagged in our system as a part of our routine security...
  8. gettygas

    Self-Erasing Discs

    ENTERTAINMENT: 'Noel,' in Theaters And Self-Erasing Discs By SARAH MCBRIDE Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL When a movie goes direct to DVD or TV, it's often Hollywood shorthand for a film so bad it can't get onto the big screen. But today, the DVD release of a new holiday movie...
  9. gettygas

    Halo 2 leaked

    As some already know Halo 2 was leaked today.:eek: Here is a comment from Microsoft on the case: microsoft wrote: "Microsoft has learned that a version of Halo 2 has been posted to various newsgroups and web sites. We consider downloading this code or making it available for others to...
  10. gettygas

    'Superman' Star Reeve Dies at Age 52

    MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. (Oct. 11) - Actor Christopher Reeve, who soared through the air and leapt tall buildings as "Superman," turned personal tragedy into a public crusade, becoming the nation's most recognizable spokesman for spinal cord research - from a wheelchair. Reeve went into cardiac arrest...
  11. gettygas

    DVD Decrypter Released! free and 1 of the best :D Changelog for * Added: Proper support for DL media * Added: Support for 'Calculate Optimal' and 'User Specified' Layer break positions for DL media * Added: 'Structure' Protection checking for protected discs (Normal...
  12. gettygas

    Order Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD FREE THIS great for people that have really slow downloads and when your setting up a new computer, but they will have your info to lololo :eek: so i had it sent to my friends shop ;)
  13. gettygas

    ABCMAN did you read this

    In Greece, playing a shoot-'em-up video game could land you in jail. The Greek government has banned all electronic games across the country, including those that run on home computers, on Game Boy-style portable consoles, and on mobile phones. Thousands of tourists in Greece are unknowingly...
  14. gettygas

    blade 2

    did anyone like blade2 i think blade1 was much better:rolleyes:
  15. gettygas

    f secure not running after reboot

    i have installed xp pro on my system, when installing f-secure for xp with # that was posted from pokoiko every thing runs fine, it even takes the updates , but the next day it will start up i see in in the lower right of my monitor but if i go to run f-secure to check a download in a folder i...
  16. gettygas

    plextor and liteon burners

    i have the 241040a plextor i like it but i was told it does not do the new sd2 copy protection . so does one of the liteon burners do the new copy protection , and if so can i just add it to my two drives, dvd as reader plextor burner ,:confused:
  17. gettygas

    clonecd download

    why can i not download clonecd from the download page page not found i got clone clean to download help id realy like the older clone if i could find them thank you:confused:
  18. gettygas

    plextor xp woody

    i just installed xp pro ,every thing is running fine but do i have to do anything with my plextor 241040a i just burnt a vcd with diskjuggler witch came out great i still have to install clonecd but do i still have to do any firm up grades agian with my plextor thank you gettygas
  19. gettygas

    me or xp pro

    i am running me for the longest time i really hate it i was thinking of changing to xp pro, i feel me is really bad, so my friend i ask you is it me i say with or xp pro i go to. :rolleyes:
  20. gettygas

    best mp3 player

    what is the best mp3 player for the computer with all the bells end whistles eq my kid needs this for a school show thank you :)