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  1. banzibaby

    Network printer help

    Hi folks :) A m8 in the US is havin probs gettin his printer to work in his network, i not too up on things like that so am askin here for tips or links or advice :) Here is his message Cheers :) BaNzI :D
  2. banzibaby

    WMF patch now at windows update

    Hi folks :) Looks like M$ has bowed to pressure about makin users wait till the 10th of jan for the security fix for the WMF exploit, patch is now available at windowsupdate :) BaNzI :D
  3. banzibaby

    Best forceware drivers for GF4 TI 4200

    Hi folks :) Bought the above mentioned card from me m8 as a upgrade for me old GF 2, qat the mo im usin the latest forceware drivers 81.85 but they seem to be causin a few slight niggles, those drivers seem to make any media player need access to physical memory ( i use Processguard) Also games...
  4. banzibaby

    Opera 7.53 is out

    Hi folks :) Opera 7.53 has been released & is now on the main Opera site Opera 7.53 for Windows Changelog Opera version 7.53 is now available for download. Changes since Opera 7.52 Security Fixed a JavaScript problem that made it possible to show one URL in the address bar, but load a...
  5. banzibaby

    Perfectdisk defrag

    Hi folks :) I was using o&o defrag, but find that Perfectdisk's offline defrag works much better, so i unistalled o&o, rebooted & then installed Perfectdisk & then updated it, only prob is when i try to preform a offline defrag, it asks me to reboot, i reboot, but XP stalls on the boot screen...
  6. banzibaby

    Spyware found

    Hi folks :) I always run a spybot scan at minimum twice a week, nevdr finds much (yup it updated regularly) Have been tryin Webroots SpySweeper 2.6 & it found three things, the Alexia toolbar (removed it), Eacceleration (something to do with NOD, last time i removed it on win98, NOD's IMON...
  7. banzibaby

    Probs installin Mcafee virusscan home version 8

    Hi Folks MY prob is that when i try 2 install that app, i get nothin but internet explorer script erros Have attached 2 screengrabs 2 show U what i mean If i click yes i then see this I have reset IE settings 2 their defaults, but still no luck, i think that a spyware prog or security...
  8. banzibaby

    Kazaalite 2.4.1 released

    Hi Folks New version of kazaalite available that merges the 2 progs( lite & kpp) Kazaa Lite K++ 2.4.1 has been released! The two different versions of 2.4.0 (Kazaa Lite & Kazaa K++) have been merged. From now on there will be only one version. Changes: - Merged the features of the two...
  9. banzibaby

    A few questions about the new kazaalite

    Hi Folks:) Like a lot of U, i got the new 1.40 version of kazaalite After installin it & givin it access in kerio for 4 types of connection ie TCP in, TCP out, UDP out & UDP in.Told kerio 2 remember me choices Then later on when checkin me port state at , i foubd that all me ports...
  10. banzibaby

    Poacher & Beer

    Heh somethin tells me poacher likes beer:):p BaNzID
  11. banzibaby

    Nero 6 Ultra version

    Hi folks, just a little news 4 all U nero lovers(scarecrow&poacher lol) Nero All-in-One Authoring Updated Ahead packs CD, DVD burning, data backup, and more into Nero 6.0 Ultra Edition. Tom Mainelli, Wednesday, June 18, 2003 NEW YORK -- Ahead Software is unveiling at Nero 6.0...
  12. banzibaby

    AvastPro4 & Incredimail

    Hi Folks:) Got a question 4 U all I used 2 use NAV2002, but after gettin some advice from the fine folks here, i changed 2 Avast Pro 4 AV soft It works ok with Outlook Express, but i like 2 use Incredimail & can't get the mail scanner 2 check the mail I tried what it said in the help file(ie...
  13. banzibaby


    Hi:) I some how got this RPCSS.exe on me win98se box Don't know how it got there, maybe through windowupdate Question is what is it, do i need it, anyway of gettin rid of it I've blocked it in Kerio from accessin the net, but it always seems 2 be there listenin Cheers 4 any advice...
  14. banzibaby

    Problems Udating Nero

    Hi All Had 2 format at the weekend & reinstall:( But the prob i got is after installin the bundled version of nero & InCd, i can't update nero:confused: I got the latest version & have tried the same with ver 15a, but it always the same It unpacks itself, then pops up a dialog sayin some of...
  15. banzibaby

    Win2000 probs

    Hi all :) Well me tried setting up 2000 yesterday morning, waited ages 4 it 2 install, then setup graphics drivers & firewall & AV, but there seemed 2 be a prob with the liveupdate & livereg as it wouldn't let me register it, but after Kerio 2.1.15 went on & rebooted, all i got was a blue...
  16. banzibaby

    Kerio Firewall Beta 6

    Hi All:) The question is.... Every once in a while kerio pops up the Has Detected A New Network Interface & asks me if it is 2 be trusted or not. If i click yes, the net & email stop workin If i click no, then the same happens & i have 2 reboot & clear the entry 4 it in kerio It baffles me...
  17. banzibaby

    Sygate personal firewall crashes

    Hi Folks, here's the problem I have been using Sygate Personal Firewall Pro after having problems with Zonealarm Pro keeping programs in memory Im using version 5.0.1175s, with the latest sig file Sometimes when shutting down/rebootin the PC, it locks at the Windows is shutting down screen &...
  18. banzibaby

    Glaswegien Windows Version(Adult)

    Sorry Laz.This is the only 1 i can find It has come to our attention that a few copies of the Glasgow edition of Windows 98 may have accidentally been shipped outside Glasgow. If you have one of the Glasgow editions you may need some help understanding the commands. The Glasgow edition may be...
  19. banzibaby

    Help Again!!!

    Hi all Me just bought World Wor III Black Gold & Hostile Waters, both original & got in local Game store 4 £10:D Sweet:p So me just checkin out what the man himself stone_burner advises or any other help appreciated Repeat Not Budget Release, But Original Been wanting 2 get hostile waters 4...
  20. banzibaby

    How to unistall Netscape Browser, but leave Netscape mail installed

    Hi Folks Anybody know how 2 uninstall the browser part of Netscape while still leaving the Mial Part of the prog?? I really like the Mail Prog & dont want 2 lose it if i uninstall Netscape Thanks in advance 4 any help & advice BaNzI:D