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    Fifa World Cup 06

    Hi yet another Fifa question as all Fifa games need patching does anybody know any good sites to get patches from?? :confused: Please help???
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    Fifa Street 2

    Has anybody managed to backup this game successfully??. All i get is a nice black screen at the start any ideas??? I use Ritek dvd-r and i burn at 1x and never usually have any problems but it always seems to be fifa games is there a reason for this?? Please help :(
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    Fifa 06

    Has anybody had any probs backing up this game. It seems to get to the screen when loading the actual match and freezes about 3/4 of the way. Any ideas anyone? Does it need a patch? Please help!!!
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    Fantastic 4

    Has anybody tried to backup this game?. Ive tryed a few times and i just get a blank screen. I havent had a problem with any other game i backup using Ritek G04's. Any ideas? :confused:
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    Rar files

    Does anybody have a guide how to unzip these files and burn them to dvdr's. :confused:
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    Reading question

    Can i just ask if when your are putting your PS2 game onto your hard drive are you reading it at 1x speed or just any speen or doesn't it matter?
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    Connecting PS2 to PC

    Hi guys just seeing if anybody knows how to connect PS2's to a PC i want to do this so i can download games onto my PS2's hard drive. Any ideas? :confused:
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    UEFA Champ League

    Has anybody managed to make a backup of this game as mine just stops on the UEFA loading screen. :confused:
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    Linking two playstations together

    Hi i know this has nothing to do with backing up games but as i have had so much help off you guys in the past i thought i would post it here. I was just seeing if anybody knows about linking two playstations together do you just require the i link cable?. But i have noticed that the newer...
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    Disk Speed

    Which disk speed is better to buy for backing up PS2 games 4x or 8x or doesn't it matter. :)
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    PS2 Hard Drive

    Hi there i was just seeing if somebody could give me some advice on on-line gaming is it possible to play games on-line straight from your PS2 Hard Drive. Please help :)
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    Hi there just abit of advice needed i use dvd-r to backup my games are these the best ones to use or are dvd +r?. Whats the difference between the two?.
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    Sims The urbz

    Im having probs backing up this game it back ups fine on dvd decrypter then when i come to load it it gets to the select language menu and just freezes any ideas? :)
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    New Slim line PS2 covers

    Does anybody know if you can get the flip top cover for the new slim line version? :confused:
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    Loading Probs

    Ive got a problem with my backups suddenly my playstation has trouble loading them. What it does is that it loads the game but very slowly eg fmv are stuttering and music is, i can hear the ps2 struggling does this mean my lazer has had it or is there anything i can do to help this. Ive tryed...